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White Car Wrap

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White cars are so popular at the moment, people are ordering brand new vehicles simply to jump on the bandwagon and own a white car. This isn’t necessary. A white car wrap is a great way to update your car without resorting to buying a new one.

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Even if you’ve just ordered a new car, in a different colour, we can wrap it straight away. This reduces waiting time for the most sought-after of cars.

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Another take on the white car trend is to go for a pearlescent finish. It’s a stylish alternative to a popular trend that adds a touch of luxury to how a car looks.

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A pearlescent white car wrap gives an effect just like a pearl. Your car will seem to shimmer in the light; it’s an opulent look that remains subtle.

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Monochrome styling is another sophisticated twist on the standard white car wrap and can make a car look very striking. White cars with black trim and detailing give the impression of being crisp, clean and majestic.

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If you are considering a white car wrap then another benefit is that it will protect the paintwork underneath from any minor abrasions or scratches. This means the general wear-and-tear on your car’s bodywork will be much less.

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If you do damage your car wrap then don’t worry, it’s simple to fix as the wrap is applied in panels. It’s easy for us to replace the damaged panel, even at short notice.

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A white vinyl car wrap is a good choice if you are looking to update the appearance of your car without going over the top. It’s a colour trend that suits all cars.

We can give you a free no-obligation quote, as well as an estimate of the time it’ll take to apply your gloss or pearlescent white car wrap, which depends on the type of car you have.